THz Spectroscopy Kit

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TERAVIL “THz spectroscopy kit” contains all the components necessary to build THz-TDS system. The standard kit consists of photoconductive antenna THz emitter and detector, pump laser beam guiding optics, motorized delay line with controller, THz beam guiding optics, sample holder and THz registering system TRS-16 with fast delay line. All components are assembled on the baseplate of 60×80 or 80x80 cm dimensions. THz spectroscopy kit includes powerful system control, data acquisition and analysis software package.

Example of optical layout of THz spectroscopy kit in transmission configuration

The optical and THz beam paths will be pre-aligned. Therefore, it is only required to feed the laser beam into the optical setup of the spectrometer. Laser must satisfy following parameters: pulse duration ~100 fs, repetition rate in range 10-100 MHz, laser wavelength ~780 nm or ~1060 nm.

Four standard configurations are available, optimized for transmission, reflection, imaging or optical pump-THz probe measurement. All can be easily interchanged and modified. Any other optional configuration can be ordered initially or as a future upgrade.

“THz spectroscopy kit” could include few configurations in one. We could construct hybrid kit containing free space THz emitter/detector and fiber coupled. As an option goniometer stage can be supplied. This inexpensive module allows operation in multiple most common geometries, including transmission and tunable angle reflection from approx. 18.5° up to 90°. It also can be used for unique THz scattering experiments, because sample and detector angles can be changed independently.

Configuration for investigations of THz emission from various semiconductors in reflection or transmission mode could be included into kit.

Our engineers have more than ten years experience in engineering of THz setups. We are open for discussions and are happy to tailor kit to your needs.

Few examples of our installed kits

THz kit containing free space transmission setup, fiber coupled THz emitter/detector mounted on goniometer stage and configuration for THz surface emission

Optical pump-THz probe setup with four mirror transmission configuration

LIDAR operating in terahertz range to scan remote objects at 7 m distance

Optical pump-THz probe setup with integrated cryostat

Four mirror transmission configuration and purging box

Four mirror transmission configuration and 0 angle reflection module

Transmission and 0 angle reflection setup. Two detectors are used: one for transmitted THz signal registration, second for reflected

Transmission setup with HDPE lenses and sample holder on XY stage