Preamplifier for THz detector

External view of preamplifier with power supply
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THz detector amplifier is designed to amplify weak detector signals up to measurable level. Preamplifier reduces influence of external noise sources achieving better signal to noise performance.


Parameter Value
Preamplifier head
Preamplifier type* current-voltage converter
Conversion coefficient > 106
Preamplifier head dimensions 60x12x15 mm
Power supply
Preamplifier power supply dimensions 155x65x80 mm
Preamplifier power supply output voltage + 15 V, -15 V
Preamplifier power supply line voltage 220 V or 110 V
*Preamplifier head is equipped with SMA connector matched with TERAVIL THz detector


External view of preamplifier

Preamplifier mounted on THz detector

Ordering Information

Description Model Notes
Operational preamplifier PAM Current-voltage converter, 106 V/A gain, includes 15 V power supply